Save on your energy bill? You can do that for example by making an energy-saving investment. If such an investment is too heavy for you to pay in one go, you can apply for a green loan for this. Until then you could go to the Flemish government for a green renovation loan. But in the meantime, she has decided that she prefers to leave the provision of green loans. That is not bad news, because contrary to what you might think, the rates for green loans are cheaper with the government.

Requirements for a green loan

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If you want to invest in energy-saving measures, you can borrow money from most financial institutions for a green renovation loan. But before financial services, for example, concludes the contract for an energy loan, the financial institutions want to make sure that the investment has actually been made. You can easily prove this with an invoice. It is also important that you can demonstrate that you are indeed investing in energy-saving measures and not just in paintwork or a new floor.

Green loans: how much can you borrow?


When you take out a mortgage loan, more reluctant to lend you the full purchase price. Most of them just don’t even do it anymore. This is different for green loans. Here you can still derive the full 100 percent of your investment.

Costs associated with a green loan

As with, for example, a mortgage loan or personal loans, there are also costs associated with loans for energy-efficient investments. You will therefore also pay interest on your energy credit. The amount of interest that you pay depends on various factors. From the loan amount, for example, or from the repayment term. You usually get green loans at a competitive rate.

A useful way to compare the costs of the various energy loans is to look at the annual percentage rate, or APR for short. This is the total cost of a loan and lenders are required to state this. If you take out a green loan, you will also be saved from file costs. They are not charged.

Can you afford it?

Investing in green energy is a wise move to save a lot on your energy bill in the future. However, you must ask yourself whether you are currently able to pay the monthly installment. Consumers who fail to repay their green loan in time are, as with other loans, severely fined. Does it not work immediately? Then wait a while until you are in better financial shape. Or view the option of combining various loans to limit your monthly repayment.

Simulate your green loan

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Financial services help you to find the cheapest energy loans. We collect the rates of all players who offer renewable energy loans. On our site, you will find a nice overview of both the costs and the monthly repayments. Via a simulator, you can quickly find out which green loan best suits your project. Did you find what you were looking for? Then you can immediately apply for your extra cheap loan online. We use cookies to perform a correct simulation.